Thursday, 20 August 2009


Foto: me wiv me frend Ruth praktising Tai Chi!

I dun bin finking abowt bodies. It is becos I dun spent a week doing Tai Chi and that dun make me fink abowt me body and evryones bodies.

I dun becomes aware wot most ov the time peepel do behave like ther bodies aint importint. That seems very strange cos wivowt a body you cant livs in this wurld! But so meny peepel do be horribul to ther bodies and eggspekt too much from them wivowt ever giving them wot they needs.

Ther is lots ov eggsampuls I can giv and I wil starts wiv eating. If we reely care abowt owr bodies we eats enuff food and good food to helps it wurk. So wen I sees peepel eating crap food awl the time I nose wot they dunt luvs ther bodies. Wen I sees peepel not eating enuff food and trying to make ther body like a skeletun I nose they dunt luvs ther bodies.

Eggsersize is annuver fing. If you dunt allows yor body to gets enuff eggsersize it wil get poorly. If you makes it do eggsersizis wot stranes it it wil get poorly. We has to do the rite kinds ov eggsersize and keeps it fit in the rite way so that it can wurk proplee wivowt having to deel wiv eny stranes and stressis.

Peepel dunt seems to listen to ther bodies - so the bodies hav to showt at them! If you spends awl yor time sitting down the body and particularlee the back wil start to tawlk to you and say 'I aint comftable and I needs to stand up' but if you dunt listen, then it wil hav to showt 'I is hurting!' and if you dunt listen to that it wil givs up wurking proplee and makes you listen!
That is wot I dun seed happin to peepel.

Ther is sumfing else as wel. Yor body can teech yor mind fings. If you practisis wiv yor body to get owt ov the way wen sumone is gonna punch you, yor mind lurns that it can step owt ov the way wen sumone is dumping ther emotional crap on you as wel. If you lurns how to releese tension in yor body, you lurns how to not holds on to tension in yor mind.

I fink the way we dun divide up the mind and body and spirit is false and wot it is awl one pursin and needs to wurk togevva. So I is gonna looks aftur me body proplee from now on!


  1. Oh now you are making me think! Its easy to think we are looking after our bodies without really listening to them! You are a very wise bear BearGrowls!

  2. Doc sees it everywhere around him; Small bears have great minds. Thank you for a lovely and inspiring blog.

    Maybe us faux furs can teach these “humin beens” a lesson or two. Keep up the good work