Wednesday, 5 August 2009


As a teddy bear I gets to watch humin beens a lot. Most humin beens dunt nose wot I is reel and alive, so they does awl sorts of fings in frunt ov me wot they probably wudint if they reelized wot I can sees and heers them! Ov corse my own humin been nose wot I is reel!

Wen I is watching humin beens I notices wot they says and does - like wen me humin leevs the room to makes cofee or goes to the loo I can sees wot the guests get up to; wich ones hav a nose arownd wile she is gon and wich ones pick ther noses and so on. It is kwite funny reely and me and me humin do laff abowt it wen they is gon.

But I dun reelize sumfing els wen I watch humin beens and that is that they awl finks a bit diffrently. I dunt meens wot I reeds ther fowts becos that wud be rood. I is telepafik but I wudint does it wivowt purmishun! No wot I meen is that I notice by wot peepel does and says how they is finking. Sumtimes this is whether they finks befor they speeks or does fings or wether they finks afturwurds. This is pritty importint cos if you finks befor, you can saves yorself and uvver peepel kwite a lot ov possibul problims!

Awlso, I notice wot sum peepel finks mostly only abowt themselvs - like wot they is so wurreed abowt wether they is good enuff or wether peepel likes them that they dunt hav eny time or space in ther hed to actuallee fink abowt the uvver peepel! These peepel awlways seems nervus and dunt sits still so much and they tends to be eggspekting fings to goes rong and cos they is eggspekting it, genrally they does go rong cos they makes them go rong!

Then ther is peepel wot only seems to fink abowt themselvs and ther familee and frends and nowone else. Like nowone else is importint. These peepel shows ther finking in the way they behaves in publik - so it is awlrite to be very noizy on a train, for eggsampul, and eggspekt evryone to put up wiv it. Or it is awlrite to say nasty fings abowt peepel who aint in ther groop. Or evin to says horrid fings abowt peepel they dunt neva meet rite in frunt ov them. Sum ov these peepel seem to eggspekt evryone to run arownd and serves the needs ov them and ther frends and it dunt ocurs to them wot the uvver peepel hav fowts and feelings and rites! These peepel tends to be nervus and unhappy on ther own cos they only feels they is importint and safe in ther own groop. And besides, wen they is on ther own, they is probably wundring wot ther 'frends' is saying abowt them!

Then ther are sum peepel who finks they aint wurf nothing so they trys not to fink abowt ther own selvs and jus run rownd trying to say 'yes' and plees evryone else and gettin no respekt wotsoeva! They awlways looks unhappy cos they aint lurnt wot you has to lurn to loves yorselv, fink abowt yor needs and look aftur yorselv befor you is gonna be able to loves and looks aftur enyone else! It is very diffikult to love sumwone wot behaves like a doormat or is too bizzy telling you wot they aint wurf loving.

Then ther is the groop wot dun lurn to fink wot they is awlrite and good peepel and doing ther best and do be lovable jus as they are. This groop can stop finking abowt - or not finking abowt - themselvs or ther frends awl the time and forgets to wurry. They can fink abowt uvver peepel wivowt wurrying wether they is liked or loved by them. They can just fink abowt the uvver peepel as lovable and does fings for them becos they wants to. They dun awlso lurn to say 'yes' wen it is rite and 'no' wen it is rite. And becos they aint frited by silence in convursation, they givs themselvs time to fink befor they speeks.

See I dun lurn wot finking is very importint indeed to humin beens and it do probablee takes a hole lifetime to lurn the best way to does it.


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  2. I dun deleet the commint abov cos she wos just publisiing her own blog and I dunt nose her! BG

  3. I really enjoyed this blog. You are a very wise bear. It is very true. Food for thought, that wasn't tuna!

    Emmy the cat

  4. Brilliant Bear thoughts!! Bear Growls, you are SO perceptive! I totally agree with you! You are a very intelligent bear!!

  5. I thought this was one of the most thoughtful things I have ever read you have great insight Bear Growls. Lots of people blog but not many blog like Bear Growls! Looking forward to your next entry.

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  7. Fank you for yor commints!! I is so glad wot peepel do find it intressting and wot I aint the only one finking like this! Kolo Martin I dun deleet one ov yor commints cos it dun post the same fing mor than once!

    BG xx

  8. what a thoughtful post and what a wise bear you are. I've been directed here by ZackRabbit and I can see why.

    Love and hugs