Friday, 31 July 2009


I dun get a package throo the post today. It wos very nice to gets it but it wernt a surprise cos I dun ordur sumfing over the internet. Inside the box wos me book wot I dun ordurd and I wos very pleesed wiv it. Wen I dun finish lookin at me new book I dun look at the box and I dun wunder wot to do wiv it cos I didint want to throws it away cos that wud be wastefuls.

Now sum boxes aint good and they do need to be throwed away. I nose wot sum peepel hav boxes full ov junk and they gets depresst just looking at it! I nose uvver peepel hav boxes full of sad memries and they dunt nose wot to does with them or how to throws them owt. And I nose wot ther is sum peepel wot feels like they is being made to lives in boxes becos uvver peepel trys to tells them how to lives ther lives or cos they is afrade to be who they reely is and that is the saddest box of awl and do need to be broked up so the pursin can climes owt.

But me box is a nice box and I dun fink for kwite a wile abowt how to giv it a nice job to does. Finally I dun hav me idea!

I dun goes upstairs and find sum nice rapping paper and sissors and gloo and sum ribbon. I dun cut the paper and cover the box wiv it and stick it down wiv the gloo. Next I dun make a big bow owt of the ribbon and sticks it on the top of the box. Wen that wos dun, I dun get a big red pen and rites 'Bear Growls Happy Box' on the top and I dun draw a big smiley teddybear face! Then I dun put sum fings inside - letters and cards wot me frends dun sends me. Fotos ov sum luvlee hollydays and days owt and I dun print off the commints from me frends heer and on twittur and puts them inside as wel. Now weneva I is feeling a littel sad or lonely or the wevver is bad and I is indoors wen I wants to be owtdoors, I can fetch me box and look at the happy memries and rememba wot a lucky bear I is cos I has frends wot luvs me and I can injoys times from the past awl ova agen!

See boxes can be good sumtimes! So long as we is in charge of the boxes.


  1. You're such a smart bear to find an excellent use for that box. Everyone should have a happy memories box.

  2. You know I think what you did with your box is the most wonderful thing I have heard it brought a tear to my eye. You know the only other good use for a box is to send nice things to friends as well I do that sometimes.