Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Listning to the birds!

Wel I dun bin kwite bizzy today cos I dun hav to go to the shops and buys the food. Awlso I do hav viziturs tomorrow so I needs to get sum ov the food prepared today. Then ther is the paid wurk wot I has to does. But at 4 oclock I dun takes a brake and sits in the gardin wiv a mug ov cofee and a crumpit - awl tostie wiv meltid buttur on it. It dun tastes luvlee and so dun the cofee! And it was luvlee in the gardin cos awl the wild burds do comes and eats at me burd feedurs and the squigguls do as wel. And awlthow they eats lots and I has to fill up the feedurs twice a day I dunt minds cos they is so wunderful! It do be like that old song wot the old man wiv the crokey voice do sing - Wot a Wunderful Wurld!

Enyways, today as I dun sits ther I dun reelize wot the littul wild burds - they wos blue tits - was akchooalee teeching the littel ones to feed of me feedurs! Wel I jus wantid to smile wiv me whole body it wos such a wunderful fing to sees!

I dun reelize wot ther is a whole wurld goin on arownd us wot we dunt awlways sees cos we do fink it is only owr wurld sumtimes and so we missis owt. And sumtimes we gets awl wound up in fings that reely aint very importint at awl! I gess wot that is living wiv humin beens - and I fink humin beens is wunderful but sumtimes I gets a littel sad wot they seems to hav very poor eyes and ears wen they is consintrating on how to makes munny and be famous and stuff like that.

I fink I wos very rich indeed this afteenoon - jus wiv me crumpit and cofee becos them littel burds let me see the whole wurld proplee. And I dun feel the most importint bear in the gardin cos they dun trusts me to be ther wen they tawt ther babees abowt the feedurs. I fink that beets being famous on the telly or being rich wiv munny eny day.


  1. I think it was very rich indeed your afternoon, too :):) Some of my very favorite moments are sittin out on my deck lookin at my flowers and watchin when the lil hummingbirds come to take a drink from their feeder. When I get close enough I specially love to hear the lil chirpy noises they make.

    It's a very peaceful and almost magical time observing them. :):) So, yeap I understand your time in the garden and think it's very special, too. :)

    Money's nice and pretty much a necessity but it doesn't give you those moments. :):)

  2. What a great afternoon Bear Growls. I like to watch the blue tits in our bay trees as well and also the bees in our flowers it makes life worth living to have those moments and just sitting watching isn't lazy or wasting time its precious time.