Monday, 27 July 2009

Making Bred

Makin bred is a antidote to a bizzy life and a bizzy wurld! You see you cant rush makin bred. It do hav to happin awl in the rite time and it do takes its time! If you tries to make it hurry it comes owt awl hevvy and sour and too chewy! And it do giv you a upset tummy as wel!

Wen I makes bred it makes me realize wot them peeple in the olden days dun hav a better speed ov life. Shoor they dun hav it tuff and dun hav to wurks reely hard and fyzikul but they dun hav wot is reely importint as a prioritee and they didint get bogged down wiv awl the stuff we do.

I bet wot they wud be very sad to finks wot we do rushes arownd and get so stressed wen we do hav a easier life wiv awl owr mod cons and stuff and we dunt hav to do awl the washin by hand or cut the wood to makes a fire to cook on or heet the howse and awl that stuff. I bet they wud say wot we is mad cos we shud spend sum ov the time we hav injoyin owrselves insted ov jus bein bizzy and tired and not reely gettin enyware.

Thats wot I fink enyways.

Now I do hav to wates for me bred to cool down so I can eats it cos it is very bad for yor tummy if you eats the bred befor it cools down. I nose cos I dun it! See it do be teeching me to be mor patient as wel!


  1. very deep thought, Bear Growls! I like makin bread too!

  2. Doc believes that you hit the nail on the head. If every human would make his or her own bread the only people having a tough time would be the ones producing Prozac.

    You just keep these blogs coming. Doc gobbles them up as if the were home baked bread. *knuffel*


  3. Definitely agree with Zack and Doc. :) Don't quite know what the answer is, tho. Suppose a happy medium somewhere in between but think that's quite difficult for some of us to achieve.:(

    Seems to some degree world the way it is today kinda forces us to live in a speedy world whether we like it or not, but most definitely some things in life have to be taken a bit slower to be enjoyed and it's quite sad to think not all of us do that from time to time.

    Takin time to make bread, is definitely worth the time:):) Takin a lil bit extra time to sit down and share that yummy bread with a child or loved one is what can make lil special moments in a lifetime.

    Only wish more of us could share those lil moments more.:):) Pssst, homemade bread always tastes much, much better, too:):) Hope you enjoy yours :):)

  4. I think sitting in the sun while the bread colls having the odd nap and a cuddle is hwo to make people less stressed. It works for me and I'm helping the whole world by setting an example.