Wednesday, 29 July 2009


We dun hav viziturs for lunch today. I dunt meen we ate the viziturs! I meen we dun share owr lunch wiv them. We dun cook a mexican beenpot becos awlthow it is the end ov July it was a bit cold and very rainy! We dun hav sum ov owr home made bred wiv the beenpot as wel and for owr afturs we dun hav strawbrees wiv yogurt. We dun offur ice creem or creem as wel but they dun choose yogurt. I fink it wos too cold for ice creem. Enyways it wos a nice lunch time and we dun hav a luvlee chat wile we dun eat owr food.

Afturwurds I dun start to fink abowt how luvlee it is to hav frends. Cos you choosis yor frends for yorself - you aint gived them like a familee is gived. And wot is evin nicer than choosin a frend is knowing wot a frend dun choose you! I do feel very special indeed wen I finks abowt my luvlee frends and reelize wot they likes me so much and wants to be me frend!

And havin lots of diffrint frends is intressting cos I do hav a frend I goes on me adventures wiv who is grate fun and very cleva and then I hav a frend I has cofee and cake wiv and we do tawlk and laff and relax togevva and then I hav a frend wot I goes swimmin wiv and we do injoy eggsersize togevva. And jus ocasionlee we do hav a party and awl ov them frends is togevva and it is diffrint agen.

I fink that each frend do bring sumfing special owt ov you and teech you sumfing diffrint abowt yorself. So having me special frends aint jus fun and making me happy but it makes me a better bear as wel.

So I is gonna says a toast as I drinks me hot choklit tonite - cheers and heer is to me frends!


  1. dats a great entry! I told tito to come read it too and it made him happy!! friends are da bestest thing ever!!
    Jed and Tito

  2. Awwh, is beary special for those to have a friend like you. :) Is true that you do get to choose your friends unlike havin a family. Sometimes you love members of your family but don't really like them always.

    Your friends are beary lucky to have you as a friend cos you understand the important things in life and appreciate them. :) I agree having all types of friends is nice and makes us grow as bears:) Also, beary interesting gettin to know dem :)

    Please send me some of your cool weather lol :):) A cup of hot choklit to toast friends is beary nice :):)

    Your lunch wif your friends sounded lovely. Treasure them times and remember them fondly :):)

    I feel especially lucky to think of you as my friend :)

  3. Yeah its great to have friends Twitter has helped me make lots of friends including you BearGrowls Arthur introduced me to you and he is a friend too. Friends are the best thing in the world.

  4. Those are words of wisdom. I have copied em down and will read them every day