Saturday, 3 April 2010

Neerly ther....

Wel I made it throo Lent wivowt cake and tomorro is Eastur day and I gets me choklit egg. So wot dun I lurn during Lent?

Furstly I dun lurn wot I can get by wivowt cake and the wurld dunt ends. I dun awlso find wot I do apreshiates cake mor than I dun befor. But ther is uvver stuff I dun lurn wot aint eggsaktly abowt cake but if I dun keep eating the cake I probablee wudint hav lurnt it.

I lurnt wot I can be in controls ov meself. I can says wot I aint gonna does sumfing and I dunt does it. The mor I doesnt does it, the easiur it gets. I fowt it wud get hardur but no it gets easiur! In fakt ther wos hole days wen I didint evin fink abowt cake! (I nose - I wos shocked too!) Wen I wosint eating cake, I dun try uvver fings to eat wot I do reely like and if I cud hav had cake, I wudint hav tried them - so that wos cool as wel.

Ther is annuver wurd I wants to eggsplore in relashun to cake and Lent and that is eggspektashuns (or as humins rite it expectations). I dun fownd wot eggspekting to hav cake had dun sumfing to me hole life and awl the peepel arownd me. Wile I wos eggspekting peepel to give me cake, I didint reely see them as compleet peepel but jus nice humins wiv cake. I fink they just seed me as a nice (I hopes) teddy bear wiv a big appeetite for cake.

Not eating cake dun make me fink difrintly abowt me relashunships wiv them peepel and now I dun stop and tawlks to them abowt uvver fings on the menu, I dun fownd owt wot food they likes and how they feels abowt eating and cake and awl sorts ov uvver fings.

I sposis wot peepel (humin and teddybears) wil awlways trys to livs up to uvver peepels eggspektashuns unless we givs them a chance to reely be themselvs.

I hopes wot you awl hav a luvly Eastur and injoys yor Eastur Eggs.


  1. More great wisdom BG and well done for going without cake thank goodness the world didn't end. I hope it hasn't damaged your cuddly shape!