Saturday, 20 February 2010

Going wivowt cake.

It is only day 4 ov Lent and I is awlreddy wundering wen it wil ends! How can I goes awl throo 40 days wivowt cake?! Awl I finks abowt is cake and not havin it. In fakt I had a dreem abowt cake last nite and it wos awfuls to wakes up and reelize it wos a dreem. I dun searched the Kichin and ther defnitely aint no cake enyware to be seen.

Wot is awl this givin sumfing up abowt enyways, I dun wunder? I had a look on wikipeedya and aparuntly it is abowt self dissiplin! It is abowt finding owt wot you can do if you trys. Wel I knows I can eat a whole cake if I trys - aint that enuff? Aparuntly not! I has to diskover how attached to me cake I am and how to let go ov it.

Hmmmm. I fink I is beginning to undestands. Cake aint bad - that aint why I has to givs it up. Cake is good. I nose wot it is very good! But if I cant livs a day happily wivowt cake then it do be too importint in me life I sposis. If it is too importint and I always has it ther, I probably dunt injoys and aprechiates it properly. It dun become too big a part ov me life and I dunt injoys uvver parts. So I has to DETACH. Thats the big wurd. It meens dunt let fings be so importint to you that they is stuk like gloo. Lets go ov them and then you can reely sees, tastes and apreshiates them.

And wot is evin better is wot buddists and uvver peepel wot meditates do say : that wen you detachis from fings and stops wurrying abowt them, they do come to you and fings do goes reely wel.

Rite, so I is detachin from the cake big wot it is gonna comes me way and be fantastik.

Ok.......DETACH........DETACH.......DETACH........its kwite hard wurk...........



  1. You are very dedicated to go without cake. I am very proud of you!

  2. Fank you Marlowe - that wil helps me keeps goin! BG

  3. Well done buddy, you can do it.
    If it helps I won't eat any cake or biscuits this weekend!
    Hang in there
    Bestest buddy

  4. Ow fanks Arf that is reely good ov you bestest buddy!
    BG x

  5. Oh dear, it is dad's birthday today so we ave to ave a little bit of cake today .....but then we give it up we promise

  6. Aw I dunt finks it has to be cake Marley! You can choosis sumfing els if you fink that is rite for you. BG x

  7. Oh yes detachment, easier said than done but it is a big thing that we Buddhists strive towards! Good luck Bear Growls!

  8. Does this mean you get to eat a whole cake after the 40 days are up?

  9. Wel that is surtinly wot I is planning!

  10. We gave up liver for Lent. True, we don't like liver, so we never eat it, but that makes it much easier to give up! Just saying! ;)

  11. That's wel cool - praps I cud try to purswades her on that one next yeer. We is vegeetariuns so liver wud be easzy for us too. BG