Friday, 12 February 2010

Importint debate

Wel yeserday we had a reely importint debate abowt penshuns. The debate wos abowt the fakt that the civil partnurs of gay vicars are not gettin the same penshuns as the husbunds and wifes ov married vicars wot aint gay. I admits wot I didint fink the peepel in the Genrul Sinod wud votes to make it mor fair. I fowt they wud votes for it not to happin. Ther wud be two reezuns they mite dun that; that they is not happy abowt peepel being gay and wot they is wurreed they aint got enuff money.

Wot made the debate reely eggsiting wos that most ov the peepel wot got up to speek tawlked abowt making fings fair and rite and abowt Jesus finking justice and compashun wer reeeely importint. Most importint. Me humin actually got up to speek as wel - wot wos eggsiting for us.

We wos so happy wen the sinod voted in favur ov making it awl fare! We wos happy becos it wos the rite fing to does. We wos awlso happy becos it helped a littel bit to make gay peepel in the Church ov Ingland feel wot they is loved and acceptid. They dunt awlways feel that. In fakt they dunt feel it kwite a lot!

Annuver fing wot wos reely importint wos that the peepel decided that justice wos mor importint than money. The Church dun need to says that I fink. Uvverwise it looks like hippocrits! Aint the peepel ov the Church suppost to trust God and put the importint fings like farenuss and justice before money? Wel dun Church ov Ingland but dunt forgits you has a long way to goes yet.

Off to find sum nice cofee and cake.

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