Sunday, 7 February 2010

Long time no rites.

Sorry wot I aint ritted on me blog for so long. I dun hav so much to does and then I dun get pawly and then ther wos a holiday and then I dun hav so much to does agen.

Enyways. I is riting now. We dun hav a brill Christmas and I dun vizit Santa and evryfing. He is luvly is Santa. We dun see him in Stourport on Severn grotto. Wel cool. We dun sing Carol's songs befor. I dunt nose who Carol is but she hav sum nice songs.

Since 2010 dun begin we dun hav sum sad stuff happin. The biggest sad fing wos wot a luvly young gurl dun die. Her name is Amy and she wos jus 15. Very sad and evryone missis her lots.

We dun hav a speshul birfday party for her wen it wud hav bin her 16th birfdee. We dun go to the park and let balloons go and sing Happy Birfday to her.

I fink wot maybe she cud see us and hear us and wot she had a good birfday evin thow she cudint be wiv us and we wos awl sad and missin her.

It dun make me fink abowt how peepel do rush abowt and not reely liv ther lives as they wants. They sumtimes missis the reely importint stuff like saying I Luv You and being wiv the peepel wot meens most to them. Maybe it is cos they is afrade to say I Luv You in case the uvver person dunt says it back. Wot I nose is that Amy dun awlways say I Luv You to evryone she loved and they is reely glad she did now cos they can rememba that wen they is sad.

I fink I is gonna says I Luv You to evryone I loves jus like Amy dun. I hopes you wil as wel.

Bear Growls


  1. Excellent stuff. Sad story but a good way to remember someone.

  2. sad story.. but like you said, life is too short! I LOVE YOU Bear Growls! xoxo

  3. Very sad story about Amy, I love you BG, you make my life happier just knowing you.
    Your bestest buddy Arf

  4. Hello. You know I do love you Bear.