Wednesday, 10 February 2010

General Synod in Lundin

Wel we is now down in Lundin for a few days at reely importint meeting called General Synod ware the Church of Ingland do makes awl its decishuns. It is very intressting! The bilding is very nice and the food is kwite tasty and the peepel are very nice too - evin wen they dunt agrees wiv each other.

Archbishup Rowan Willyums is a very luvly man and he do hav a wunderfuls voice as wel as being very cleva. Archibishup John Sentamoo is awlso very nice and he do hav a briwliant smile wot do usis up his whol face wen he does it. They is rathur cool.

Today we dun hav a discushun abowt the brake up ov sum churchis in Amerika. I dun fownd it complikated. I fink it is awl abowt womin and gay peepel. Wel fancy braking up a church ova that? I bets God is a bit unimpresst wiv it. Dunt he hav the rite to make sum peepel gay and to choose sum womin to be bishups? I meen aint God in charge?

I do get a bit confused wiv humins sum time; why does it mattur so much wevver evryone beleevs the same fing? Why cant they livs togevva? Why does they hav to be right? And why is they fritened ov being wrong?

I is shoor wot, so long as you is bizzy trying to luv each uvver, it wil awl wurk owt fine wivowt braking up Churches. But I is jus a bear. Stil I do nose wot God is big on love.

I gess we is back to me last blog abowt Amy - saying I love you reely is THE most importint fing.



  1. dat sounds like a kewl confrince an I'm glad you iz having a good time. I duzn't think they humanz iz all dat smart like us anipalz iz. *purrr*

  2. It sounds like it is an important conference to be at. I think Pandafur has a point-- I think humans are sometimes too stubborn to understand what is really right!