Saturday, 13 February 2010

Back home

We is back home. We dun hav to go on kwite a long jurney. On a bus in Lundin and from Lundin to Burminham on a trane and then annuver trane from Burminham and a taxi aftur that.

I dun see lots ov luvly things thro the windows ov the bus and trane and taxi and I dun hav time to reed me books as wel. I wos kwite sad to say goodbye to Theresa - we dun stay wiv her in Lundin. She does b&b and it wos so much mor like home than a hotel. We is hopin to go and stay wiv her agen sum time. Theresa do come from Nigeria and it wos intresting to lurn abowt annuver cowntry. It is a lot warmur ther than heer but they dunt get snows like we does heer. They is very good at sharing wot they hav wiv uvver peepel and Theresa stil do that - she dun evin giv us a packed lunch for owr jurney home and walk us to the bus stop. How lucky I wos to be able to meet her.

I dun hav a very intressting time meeting and tawlking wiv so meny peepel in Lundin and I fink I dun lurnt kwite a lot. It is luvly to be home agen thow - ther aint enyware kwite like home!



  1. Welcome home buddy, sounds like you had an interesting time in London. Looking forward to your next blog

  2. Welkum home!
    That waz kwite a jerney! Yu must hav been beary tyerd.
    I like goin to Lundon.
    I like the parks an the mewseums. Did yu get to see the parks? Yu hav to look owt for the goosies or they'll goose ya.

  3. Oh you are lucky you went to London recently I come from there and I miss it lots. You are right though there's nowhere quite like home. Teresa sounds lovely.