Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I dun forget it wos pancake day rite up until teatime! Wot a luvly suprize to hav a stack ov warm pancakes and lots ov fillings. Me faverit is lemin and shugar. Yummy skrummy for me tummy!

Its funny cos pancakes is aparuntly awl abowt using up leftovas befor lent do begin but they dunt tastes at awl like leftovers! They tastes delishus. In fakt I dunt nose why we dunt hav them for puddin more oftin.

I spose they is like kwite a few fings in life; if you has them too oftin they aint speshul eny more. I wos finking abowt them peepel on the telly who wun millyuns and millyuns ov pownds on the lottry. It wil be very strange for them cos they wil be able to buys just abowt evryfing they wants to buy and wile it must be nice wot they dunt hav to wurry abowt munny eny more, I fink it wil be strange wot ther wunt reely be enyfing to looks forwurd to becos wen they finks ov sumfing, they wil jus be able to gets it. I likes havin fings to look forwurd to. I likes savin up me pockit munny to gets fing for meself or prezints for uvver peeple. It is brillyant wen I dun save for sumfing and I can goes and gets it and reely injoys it. Sumhow it wudint be the same if I cud jus buy enyfing, eny time.

Stil, evin wen you hav millyuns and skwillyuns ov pownds, ther are stil fings you cant neva buys. Sum fings dunt hav price tags on them.

So maybe I is glad we dunt hav pancakes for tea mor oftin cos then wen pancake day comes rownd it is stil speshul.



  1. I agree with you. It's like that song that says Christmas should be every day. It wouldn't be special anymore!

  2. I agree! We are discovering contentment is always with us, we just have to find it in the things of our life, things we already have, like pancakes and friends and tea and warm cozy houses! :0)

  3. As always you are such a wise bear Bear Growls. I never thought of it that way but you are quite right! Pancakes are awesome though I could eat them more than once a year.