Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Me hollyday in Germany

I dun vizit Germany on a special vizit. Owr Church is linked wiv a Church in Germany and we dun go and stay wiv peepel ther and they dun took us owt on trips and it wos wikid!

I have put sum fotos on flickr

We dun goed to Dresden for one day and that wos very speshul cos one ov the men do rememba wot it looked like aftur it dun get bombed. He wos very sad. They fink wot 40,000 peepel dun die in a cuppul ov days and ther wos so meny bodies wot they dun hav to burns them in a big fire in the town square. That wos a very sad fing to heer.

Wen the peepel from Germany dun vizit us a cuppul ov yeers ago, they dun vizit Coventry cos they dun want to heer abowt the story and vizit the city wot wos bombed like wot Dresden wos.

They dun take us awl to a very nice tradishunal restawrant for dinnur wot wos luvlee!

Aint it sad how peepel do hav terribul wars? We is awl such good frends and we is very sad to fink ov the horrid war wot dun so much hurt!

I fink it is reely importint to make as meny frends as possibul in uvver cowntrees cos then, wen the leeders do trys to start wars we can stands togevva to say no.