Saturday, 20 February 2010

Going wivowt cake.

It is only day 4 ov Lent and I is awlreddy wundering wen it wil ends! How can I goes awl throo 40 days wivowt cake?! Awl I finks abowt is cake and not havin it. In fakt I had a dreem abowt cake last nite and it wos awfuls to wakes up and reelize it wos a dreem. I dun searched the Kichin and ther defnitely aint no cake enyware to be seen.

Wot is awl this givin sumfing up abowt enyways, I dun wunder? I had a look on wikipeedya and aparuntly it is abowt self dissiplin! It is abowt finding owt wot you can do if you trys. Wel I knows I can eat a whole cake if I trys - aint that enuff? Aparuntly not! I has to diskover how attached to me cake I am and how to let go ov it.

Hmmmm. I fink I is beginning to undestands. Cake aint bad - that aint why I has to givs it up. Cake is good. I nose wot it is very good! But if I cant livs a day happily wivowt cake then it do be too importint in me life I sposis. If it is too importint and I always has it ther, I probably dunt injoys and aprechiates it properly. It dun become too big a part ov me life and I dunt injoys uvver parts. So I has to DETACH. Thats the big wurd. It meens dunt let fings be so importint to you that they is stuk like gloo. Lets go ov them and then you can reely sees, tastes and apreshiates them.

And wot is evin better is wot buddists and uvver peepel wot meditates do say : that wen you detachis from fings and stops wurrying abowt them, they do come to you and fings do goes reely wel.

Rite, so I is detachin from the cake big wot it is gonna comes me way and be fantastik.

Ok.......DETACH........DETACH.......DETACH........its kwite hard wurk...........


Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I dun forget it wos pancake day rite up until teatime! Wot a luvly suprize to hav a stack ov warm pancakes and lots ov fillings. Me faverit is lemin and shugar. Yummy skrummy for me tummy!

Its funny cos pancakes is aparuntly awl abowt using up leftovas befor lent do begin but they dunt tastes at awl like leftovers! They tastes delishus. In fakt I dunt nose why we dunt hav them for puddin more oftin.

I spose they is like kwite a few fings in life; if you has them too oftin they aint speshul eny more. I wos finking abowt them peepel on the telly who wun millyuns and millyuns ov pownds on the lottry. It wil be very strange for them cos they wil be able to buys just abowt evryfing they wants to buy and wile it must be nice wot they dunt hav to wurry abowt munny eny more, I fink it wil be strange wot ther wunt reely be enyfing to looks forwurd to becos wen they finks ov sumfing, they wil jus be able to gets it. I likes havin fings to look forwurd to. I likes savin up me pockit munny to gets fing for meself or prezints for uvver peeple. It is brillyant wen I dun save for sumfing and I can goes and gets it and reely injoys it. Sumhow it wudint be the same if I cud jus buy enyfing, eny time.

Stil, evin wen you hav millyuns and skwillyuns ov pownds, ther are stil fings you cant neva buys. Sum fings dunt hav price tags on them.

So maybe I is glad we dunt hav pancakes for tea mor oftin cos then wen pancake day comes rownd it is stil speshul.


Saturday, 13 February 2010

Back home

We is back home. We dun hav to go on kwite a long jurney. On a bus in Lundin and from Lundin to Burminham on a trane and then annuver trane from Burminham and a taxi aftur that.

I dun see lots ov luvly things thro the windows ov the bus and trane and taxi and I dun hav time to reed me books as wel. I wos kwite sad to say goodbye to Theresa - we dun stay wiv her in Lundin. She does b&b and it wos so much mor like home than a hotel. We is hopin to go and stay wiv her agen sum time. Theresa do come from Nigeria and it wos intresting to lurn abowt annuver cowntry. It is a lot warmur ther than heer but they dunt get snows like we does heer. They is very good at sharing wot they hav wiv uvver peepel and Theresa stil do that - she dun evin giv us a packed lunch for owr jurney home and walk us to the bus stop. How lucky I wos to be able to meet her.

I dun hav a very intressting time meeting and tawlking wiv so meny peepel in Lundin and I fink I dun lurnt kwite a lot. It is luvly to be home agen thow - ther aint enyware kwite like home!


Friday, 12 February 2010

Importint debate

Wel yeserday we had a reely importint debate abowt penshuns. The debate wos abowt the fakt that the civil partnurs of gay vicars are not gettin the same penshuns as the husbunds and wifes ov married vicars wot aint gay. I admits wot I didint fink the peepel in the Genrul Sinod wud votes to make it mor fair. I fowt they wud votes for it not to happin. Ther wud be two reezuns they mite dun that; that they is not happy abowt peepel being gay and wot they is wurreed they aint got enuff money.

Wot made the debate reely eggsiting wos that most ov the peepel wot got up to speek tawlked abowt making fings fair and rite and abowt Jesus finking justice and compashun wer reeeely importint. Most importint. Me humin actually got up to speek as wel - wot wos eggsiting for us.

We wos so happy wen the sinod voted in favur ov making it awl fare! We wos happy becos it wos the rite fing to does. We wos awlso happy becos it helped a littel bit to make gay peepel in the Church ov Ingland feel wot they is loved and acceptid. They dunt awlways feel that. In fakt they dunt feel it kwite a lot!

Annuver fing wot wos reely importint wos that the peepel decided that justice wos mor importint than money. The Church dun need to says that I fink. Uvverwise it looks like hippocrits! Aint the peepel ov the Church suppost to trust God and put the importint fings like farenuss and justice before money? Wel dun Church ov Ingland but dunt forgits you has a long way to goes yet.

Off to find sum nice cofee and cake.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

General Synod in Lundin

Wel we is now down in Lundin for a few days at reely importint meeting called General Synod ware the Church of Ingland do makes awl its decishuns. It is very intressting! The bilding is very nice and the food is kwite tasty and the peepel are very nice too - evin wen they dunt agrees wiv each other.

Archbishup Rowan Willyums is a very luvly man and he do hav a wunderfuls voice as wel as being very cleva. Archibishup John Sentamoo is awlso very nice and he do hav a briwliant smile wot do usis up his whol face wen he does it. They is rathur cool.

Today we dun hav a discushun abowt the brake up ov sum churchis in Amerika. I dun fownd it complikated. I fink it is awl abowt womin and gay peepel. Wel fancy braking up a church ova that? I bets God is a bit unimpresst wiv it. Dunt he hav the rite to make sum peepel gay and to choose sum womin to be bishups? I meen aint God in charge?

I do get a bit confused wiv humins sum time; why does it mattur so much wevver evryone beleevs the same fing? Why cant they livs togevva? Why does they hav to be right? And why is they fritened ov being wrong?

I is shoor wot, so long as you is bizzy trying to luv each uvver, it wil awl wurk owt fine wivowt braking up Churches. But I is jus a bear. Stil I do nose wot God is big on love.

I gess we is back to me last blog abowt Amy - saying I love you reely is THE most importint fing.


Sunday, 7 February 2010

Long time no rites.

Sorry wot I aint ritted on me blog for so long. I dun hav so much to does and then I dun get pawly and then ther wos a holiday and then I dun hav so much to does agen.

Enyways. I is riting now. We dun hav a brill Christmas and I dun vizit Santa and evryfing. He is luvly is Santa. We dun see him in Stourport on Severn grotto. Wel cool. We dun sing Carol's songs befor. I dunt nose who Carol is but she hav sum nice songs.

Since 2010 dun begin we dun hav sum sad stuff happin. The biggest sad fing wos wot a luvly young gurl dun die. Her name is Amy and she wos jus 15. Very sad and evryone missis her lots.

We dun hav a speshul birfday party for her wen it wud hav bin her 16th birfdee. We dun go to the park and let balloons go and sing Happy Birfday to her.

I fink wot maybe she cud see us and hear us and wot she had a good birfday evin thow she cudint be wiv us and we wos awl sad and missin her.

It dun make me fink abowt how peepel do rush abowt and not reely liv ther lives as they wants. They sumtimes missis the reely importint stuff like saying I Luv You and being wiv the peepel wot meens most to them. Maybe it is cos they is afrade to say I Luv You in case the uvver person dunt says it back. Wot I nose is that Amy dun awlways say I Luv You to evryone she loved and they is reely glad she did now cos they can rememba that wen they is sad.

I fink I is gonna says I Luv You to evryone I loves jus like Amy dun. I hopes you wil as wel.

Bear Growls