Thursday, 16 September 2010

Intressting time in Wales

Wel wot an intressting time we dun have in Wales this week!

First ov all we went to Norf Carmarthenshire and we dun lurn how to make a baskit from wilow tree and it is wel cool! We dun use it to carry owr shoppin at the farm shop on the way home and now it do hav the logs in by the log burnur wot we dun lite tonite cos it is a bit nippy and awlso we dun hav luvly fires in Wales and we dun want to makes the hollyday lasts longer.

Wen we wos makin owr baskit we dun meet sum reely intressting peepel wot do wurks very hard to makes a diffrense in saving the planit and we dun tawlk a lot abowt wot the best fing to do is. Sum ov the peepel livs in a Yurt (wot is a kind ov tent) and they do hav praktikally no carbun footprint at awl! The farm ware we dun stay wos brill wiv awl the food growed at home and the wood wot wos burned wos from ther own wood and they is organik.

It dun awl make me fink abowt how the telly and the papers and the inteenet do keep making us fink abowt fings wot we FINK we want and wot we FINK wil makes us happy but wot probably wont - or not for very long enyways - and wot wile we is finking abowt them fings we aint finking abowt wot is happning to the planet and awl the peepel and animuls! Soon ther wunt be no polar bears no tigurs and no orang u tans but we aint making it very urgint at awl! Peepel is too bizzy getting the latust mobi fone or woteva - like that makes us betta or coolur peepel! But I can see wot it dunt makes peepel happy reely.

The peepel on that baskit making corse wos so alive and apreeshiating the wurld arownd them. The food tasted awl the betta for bein fresh and made wiv luv and cos the cumpnee wos so good. It made me fink: we cant makes peepel liv in a way wot is betta for the rest ov the wurld but we can does owr own bit. And if we does owr own bit and peepel sees how happy it makes us and how REEL owr lives is ....maybe they wil wants to does ther own bit as wel!

Enyways owr baskit aint just a baskit; it is a simbol ov hope and it is a reemindur for us cos we wil sees it evryday besides owr log burnur and nose wot it wos such a grate fing to make it from naturul wilow and that littel by littel we can makes a difrense.

Next time I wil tels you abowt wot we dun in The Gower. BG