Sunday, 25 October 2009


I aint a fan of the wurd 'nice' actually. I finks it do be a rather empty wurd. It is the wurd wot peepel use wen they wants to pretend they likes sumfing or they is happy. In fact I fink wot it is a pretend wurd, comes to finks of it. It is a wurd peepel oftin uses wen they dunt wants to tel the trooth or wen they cant be bovvered or intresstid enuff to fink of annuver reel wurd.

Nice is sumware between ok and boring. Nice is neithur luvly nor horrid. Nice is wot peepel say abowt sumwone they aint reely got to know - sumwone they fink ov as pleasunt and harmless and wot wudint make them hav to fink hard or do anyfing difficult but jus let them carry on doing wot they does and finking wot they finks wivowt eva challenging them. Nice is comfortable and safe and lazy and not reely living.

I fink we shud consines 'nice' to the bin and finds uvver wurds to use.

Wot is more I fink peepel shud stops being nice and starts reely living. Insted of always trying to pleese peepel and always pretending to be sumwone wot they aint, peepel needs to be themselves and lives ther lives and not wurry awl the time wot peepel is finking and saying cos life aint so very long and wen it is over they dunt wants to wish wot they dun it diffrint.

I says dunt be nice; be kind, funny, naughty, loving. Takes risks and laughs a lot. Dunt lives in a prison of being frited wot peepel will says or wot will happen but trys life out and if it goes a bit wrong you can awlways says sorry and hav annuver goes.

I fink too many peepel spends ther lives doing wot they fink they shud insted of wot they wishes they cud and in the end they is gonna be dissipointed and sad.

I is gonna raze me cup ov hot choklit and says a toasts to awl of you wot is brave enuff to takes the challenge and says 'no mor mistur and missus nice guys'.