Saturday, 8 June 2013

Wel it is a very long time since wot I dun rites in me blog! To be trooful I dun lostid me login and then got very bizzy and.........wel heer I is agen enyways.

I am finking about lots of fings to rite in me blog now I dun finds it agen.

Sees you soon

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Intressting time in Wales

Wel wot an intressting time we dun have in Wales this week!

First ov all we went to Norf Carmarthenshire and we dun lurn how to make a baskit from wilow tree and it is wel cool! We dun use it to carry owr shoppin at the farm shop on the way home and now it do hav the logs in by the log burnur wot we dun lite tonite cos it is a bit nippy and awlso we dun hav luvly fires in Wales and we dun want to makes the hollyday lasts longer.

Wen we wos makin owr baskit we dun meet sum reely intressting peepel wot do wurks very hard to makes a diffrense in saving the planit and we dun tawlk a lot abowt wot the best fing to do is. Sum ov the peepel livs in a Yurt (wot is a kind ov tent) and they do hav praktikally no carbun footprint at awl! The farm ware we dun stay wos brill wiv awl the food growed at home and the wood wot wos burned wos from ther own wood and they is organik.

It dun awl make me fink abowt how the telly and the papers and the inteenet do keep making us fink abowt fings wot we FINK we want and wot we FINK wil makes us happy but wot probably wont - or not for very long enyways - and wot wile we is finking abowt them fings we aint finking abowt wot is happning to the planet and awl the peepel and animuls! Soon ther wunt be no polar bears no tigurs and no orang u tans but we aint making it very urgint at awl! Peepel is too bizzy getting the latust mobi fone or woteva - like that makes us betta or coolur peepel! But I can see wot it dunt makes peepel happy reely.

The peepel on that baskit making corse wos so alive and apreeshiating the wurld arownd them. The food tasted awl the betta for bein fresh and made wiv luv and cos the cumpnee wos so good. It made me fink: we cant makes peepel liv in a way wot is betta for the rest ov the wurld but we can does owr own bit. And if we does owr own bit and peepel sees how happy it makes us and how REEL owr lives is ....maybe they wil wants to does ther own bit as wel!

Enyways owr baskit aint just a baskit; it is a simbol ov hope and it is a reemindur for us cos we wil sees it evryday besides owr log burnur and nose wot it wos such a grate fing to make it from naturul wilow and that littel by littel we can makes a difrense.

Next time I wil tels you abowt wot we dun in The Gower. BG

Friday, 14 May 2010

Razing funds for WWF

Me and me frends Arthur Brandon (me bestest buddy in the hole wide wurld) and Monkey are razing munny for WWF to trys to stops the most thretened animuls from bein died owt. You can helps us on owr justgivin page if you wud likes. We is runnin a anipals datin agency on facebook for this and wil be doin a very dangerus challinge in a littel wile. Mor abowt that later.

Owr datin agency page!/pages/Bearmatchcom/105264422851471?ref=ts

Owr justgivin page


Monday, 5 April 2010

I wos tagged

I wos tagged by me bestest buddy Arf (Arthur Brandon) and I has to choose numbur ten ov me fotos and puts it heer and says why I dun choosis it. Hmmm wel I aint actuallee got ten fotos on heer but I does hav them in me link to flickr wot I dun postid on heer so I hopes wot that cownts. And besides, wen I puts a foto on this post it wil be foto numbur ten so that wil be rite I finks. If I dun undeestands it rite - wot I mite not hav dun!

Heer is me foto enyways and it is one wot I reely likes very muchis! It is me at Borth Beech wot is in West Miggul Wales and is one ov me very faverit placis in the hole wide wurld. The beech is bootiful and peacefuls and the sea is AMAZING! I do luvs to wach the sun setting and eats chips and jus injoys how wunderful the wurld is. Wen I sees the sea goin in and owt and in and owt I do finks wot ther is nuffing so importint in the wurld wot it cant wates wile I sits and looks and jus be me.

Now I has to tags 5 uvver bloggurs but I aint shoor how I does that.....I see wot Arf dun it throo twittur so I wil trys doin it that way.


Hav I dun it rite?

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Neerly ther....

Wel I made it throo Lent wivowt cake and tomorro is Eastur day and I gets me choklit egg. So wot dun I lurn during Lent?

Furstly I dun lurn wot I can get by wivowt cake and the wurld dunt ends. I dun awlso find wot I do apreshiates cake mor than I dun befor. But ther is uvver stuff I dun lurn wot aint eggsaktly abowt cake but if I dun keep eating the cake I probablee wudint hav lurnt it.

I lurnt wot I can be in controls ov meself. I can says wot I aint gonna does sumfing and I dunt does it. The mor I doesnt does it, the easiur it gets. I fowt it wud get hardur but no it gets easiur! In fakt ther wos hole days wen I didint evin fink abowt cake! (I nose - I wos shocked too!) Wen I wosint eating cake, I dun try uvver fings to eat wot I do reely like and if I cud hav had cake, I wudint hav tried them - so that wos cool as wel.

Ther is annuver wurd I wants to eggsplore in relashun to cake and Lent and that is eggspektashuns (or as humins rite it expectations). I dun fownd wot eggspekting to hav cake had dun sumfing to me hole life and awl the peepel arownd me. Wile I wos eggspekting peepel to give me cake, I didint reely see them as compleet peepel but jus nice humins wiv cake. I fink they just seed me as a nice (I hopes) teddy bear wiv a big appeetite for cake.

Not eating cake dun make me fink difrintly abowt me relashunships wiv them peepel and now I dun stop and tawlks to them abowt uvver fings on the menu, I dun fownd owt wot food they likes and how they feels abowt eating and cake and awl sorts ov uvver fings.

I sposis wot peepel (humin and teddybears) wil awlways trys to livs up to uvver peepels eggspektashuns unless we givs them a chance to reely be themselvs.

I hopes wot you awl hav a luvly Eastur and injoys yor Eastur Eggs.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Going wivowt cake.

It is only day 4 ov Lent and I is awlreddy wundering wen it wil ends! How can I goes awl throo 40 days wivowt cake?! Awl I finks abowt is cake and not havin it. In fakt I had a dreem abowt cake last nite and it wos awfuls to wakes up and reelize it wos a dreem. I dun searched the Kichin and ther defnitely aint no cake enyware to be seen.

Wot is awl this givin sumfing up abowt enyways, I dun wunder? I had a look on wikipeedya and aparuntly it is abowt self dissiplin! It is abowt finding owt wot you can do if you trys. Wel I knows I can eat a whole cake if I trys - aint that enuff? Aparuntly not! I has to diskover how attached to me cake I am and how to let go ov it.

Hmmmm. I fink I is beginning to undestands. Cake aint bad - that aint why I has to givs it up. Cake is good. I nose wot it is very good! But if I cant livs a day happily wivowt cake then it do be too importint in me life I sposis. If it is too importint and I always has it ther, I probably dunt injoys and aprechiates it properly. It dun become too big a part ov me life and I dunt injoys uvver parts. So I has to DETACH. Thats the big wurd. It meens dunt let fings be so importint to you that they is stuk like gloo. Lets go ov them and then you can reely sees, tastes and apreshiates them.

And wot is evin better is wot buddists and uvver peepel wot meditates do say : that wen you detachis from fings and stops wurrying abowt them, they do come to you and fings do goes reely wel.

Rite, so I is detachin from the cake big wot it is gonna comes me way and be fantastik.

Ok.......DETACH........DETACH.......DETACH........its kwite hard wurk...........


Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I dun forget it wos pancake day rite up until teatime! Wot a luvly suprize to hav a stack ov warm pancakes and lots ov fillings. Me faverit is lemin and shugar. Yummy skrummy for me tummy!

Its funny cos pancakes is aparuntly awl abowt using up leftovas befor lent do begin but they dunt tastes at awl like leftovers! They tastes delishus. In fakt I dunt nose why we dunt hav them for puddin more oftin.

I spose they is like kwite a few fings in life; if you has them too oftin they aint speshul eny more. I wos finking abowt them peepel on the telly who wun millyuns and millyuns ov pownds on the lottry. It wil be very strange for them cos they wil be able to buys just abowt evryfing they wants to buy and wile it must be nice wot they dunt hav to wurry abowt munny eny more, I fink it wil be strange wot ther wunt reely be enyfing to looks forwurd to becos wen they finks ov sumfing, they wil jus be able to gets it. I likes havin fings to look forwurd to. I likes savin up me pockit munny to gets fing for meself or prezints for uvver peeple. It is brillyant wen I dun save for sumfing and I can goes and gets it and reely injoys it. Sumhow it wudint be the same if I cud jus buy enyfing, eny time.

Stil, evin wen you hav millyuns and skwillyuns ov pownds, ther are stil fings you cant neva buys. Sum fings dunt hav price tags on them.

So maybe I is glad we dunt hav pancakes for tea mor oftin cos then wen pancake day comes rownd it is stil speshul.